Search Optics Expansion featured in Canadian Auto Dealer

Digital marketing company Search Optics has recently expanded its presence in Ontario and Quebec, providing digital marketing strategies for dealers to boost sales.

“Relocating to larger space in Montreal allowed us to support our bilingual customers in Quebec and doubling our footprint in Toronto was also critical as we continue to expand nationally. We also recently opened Corporate offices in Sydney, London and Dublin, which is some pretty big global expansion,” said Randy Price, Search Optics General Manager in an interview with Canadian auto dealer.

Price said the growth comes from the success of working with clients such as Ford and Chrysler dealerships.

Search Optics works with dealers to enhance their digital presence with methods such as brand awareness and high quality leads. “We offer things like paid search through Google, brand enhancement and social media, available throughout Canada, the U.S. and globally,” said Price.

Price said dealers need to become tech savvy because of the changing digital landscape.

“Consumers used to test drive seven vehicles before buying, now the stat is two. So they’ve gone down the funnel when getting to the buying decision through research online. It’s important you have your brand out there for consumers to find or else other competitors will take advantage of that,” Price added.

Price said dealers would be wise to invest in paid search to purchase their dealership brand keywords. This helps ensure that when consumers search for the dealership by name, they appear in a prominent position in search results.

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