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Case Study

Reliable Motors Stands Out from Competitors

with a Paid Search and Display Advertising Strategy

Located in the province of PEI, Reliable Motors faced high competition for market share. With a limited population and a strong draw from neighbouring Nova Scotia & New Brunswick dealers, the dealer saw the need to maximize leads through SEM & re-targeting.

+ Maintain and grow market share

+ Increase the number of high-quality leads

+ Develop brand strategy and build awareness

+ Improve Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)

+ Search Optics developed a Paid Search strategy to drive online traffic, competiting against local and in-land dealerships for share of market.
+ To further expand the dealership's reach and boost results, a Display Advertising solution was incorporated to the existing marketing efforts.
Paid Search and Digital Advertising Tactics

+ Created bid strategies to increase Paid Search efficiencies

+ Focused on brand, make-geo, make and then model keywords to improve CPL

+ Personalized ad copy with strong call-to-actions

+ Customized ad creative to develop brand equity and build customer loyalty

+ Built targeted display audiences, focusing on retargeting and behavioral targeting, to drive high-quality leads

+ Promoted brand and dealer incentives through Display Advertising across thousands of top performing websites

+ Monitored advertising results to identify areas for marketing optimization

1 Ryan Mills, Reliable Motors
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